It’s been some years since I lost my son.

When I go to Buddhist temples and meet the priests,
I have seen many candles.

It has been hard for me to face the reality the that I lost my child.
Days, months and years has passed by….
it was like a social withdrawal into myself,
but I have always thought that I wanted to do something….
and wondered what can I do for someone.

Then…. ‘’Eureka!’’

To remake leftover candles
and let the priests hand them out to people
who have lost someone important.

To hand them out to people like me
with a feeling of sorrow,
which is so hard to explain.

I believe that my candles
will be offered to people with a meaningful message.
It is like a tiny seed that will eventually bloom.

There’s a lot of support from people around me…
I have been offered leftover candles…
I have started going to a candle school…

Anyhow I have started to get myself going and
I’m grateful everyday.

With this as a starting point,
I am hoping that there will be a nice breeze
that circulates among people.

The story has just started.
I am looking forward to meeting you.

All the candles I get
have previously used by temples
and have had many feelings from various people
who pray in front of them.
I have them delivered by priests.

Masami Kamino

Interview to Masami Kaminou in Japanese