Step 1
Candles hear chants by the priests. They are all different in size. The dust has been taken out.
Step 2
Attaching the wick
Thoroughly… They look good as they shine. Candlewick is made in Japan.
Waxing the wick. Perforate the paper cup. Put the wick through and fold it inside the cup.
Step 3 
Making parts
To prevent leaking three layers of Scotch tape are pasted. Making like a cloud in the sky Layering the colours

mosaic・mosaic color・color・color mofh・mof
Step 4
Make each candle whole heartedly
Fighting with the temperature is the most toughest part of the process. When candles cool down, the center of the candle sinks in. It is also difficult to stand the wick vertically. Combustion tests are repeated over and over.

We need to be extremely cautious when we cut the wick. The flame of the candle varies depending on the length of the wick. Paper cups are used only once. We have the base of the candles flattened.
Step 5
Make messages by printer and fold them. Done! The candle is completely changed! Finally they are handed to the priests.